Q: Will Evelynn come to my event or convention?

A: All events are organised. All events will be announced ahead of time and published on our facebook page and newsletter.

Q: How many books is Evelynn planning for The Friends of Frog Hollow?

A: The Friends of Frog Hollow is actually a series of five stories. There are four more stories already completed and planned for publication after this debut release in the near future.

Q: Will Evelynn be willing to tell us some critical details for upcoming releases?

A: Not really. Only the highest-level details will be given ahead of publishing. Please watch for more details in our News section here, our Newsletter, and on our facebook page.

Q: Can I share my ideas for a story with Evelynn?

A: For legal reasons, Evelynn cannot accept any unsolicited manuscripts or ideas for stories.

Q: Can I share my fan art with Evelynn?

A: Fan art is way cool. Here’s where you can share it at our facebook page

Q: Are there audio or printed versions of your stories available?

A: There are plans to release a printed edition of The Friends of Frog Hollow after more stories have been published. There are no immediate plans for audio versions but that does not mean it will not change in the future.

Q: Does Evelynn plan to write any other stories or genres?

A: Absolutely! Evelynn really likes classic horror, and suspense thrillers with supernatural themes. Obviously, these stories will not be for the little kids but more for young adults. These genres are also perfectly suited for Laughing Crow Studio’s graphically illustrated approach.