The Team

Evelynn Crowe
Author / Illustrator

Evelynn is the creator behind all of the original stories of Laughing Crow Studios. After publishing worldwide for the electronics design industry and working for many years as a senior software engineer, Evelynn decided it was time to reforge her focus and efforts in a new direction. She recalibrated her experience for digital entertainment, put on her massive geek hat, and took up a lifelong interest of writing original, classic-style stories adapted for modern audiences and technology.


The Friends of Frog Hollow is her debut children’s story, first in a series of stories to be released. Exploring the meaning of friendship and how to make friends, it uses humorous and engaging animal characters that any child and their parents can relate to and laugh with.


A mother of two herself, Evelynn is dedicated to the idea of helping children and young people become better adults through sharing the simple, influential experiences that stay with us our whole lives.


At the heart of it all, she believes it's important for kids to be able to be kids, and for grown-ups to remember what it was like to be a young. Why? Because remembering how to relate to children and young people helps us to become better people.


Evelynn advocates reducing youth homelessness and joblessness, and the conservation of wildlife and good stewardship of our planet through the simple, every-day deeds of ordinary people. When we help each another, we help ourselves and our future in return.

Web developer / content manager

Toad develops and maintains the website for the studio.  Naturally reclusive, not much is known about him.